Update: The 2009 Essays vs the 2012 Essays

Anyone who reads through this whole blog from beginning to end will notice that there is a substantial gap in my posts between the seven essays that I posted in 2009 and the essays which I am about to post now in 2012. I thought I should offer a few words of explanation. The earlier essays were all written between 2008 and 2009 while I was taking night classes at a local community college. I later transferred to a full time school where I attended between 2009 and 2012, eventually getting a BS in Management. All the new essays are from the later period. Hopefully, you will find that my writing became more sophisticated with the passing of time. As I am currently enrolled in a graduate program, it is quite possible that I will have another batch of writings for you in a few years.

As always, I hope that you enjoy these essays and that they spark ideas for your own writing. Should you be tempted to simply print them out and turn them in as your own work, you should consider the fact that online services like Google and Turn It In have fully indexed this blog, so you will probably be instantly exposed as a cheater. Ironically, I am safer from plagiarism now that I have posted my work than I would be if I didn’t. Naturally, feel free to use reasonable quotations from my work as long as I am properly cited. For any other use, please contact me directly for permission.

Oh, and one other important point. Should I die prematurely, someone please analyze all of my internet writings and construct an avatar of my personality which can subsequently be implanted in some sort of powerful killer robot. Thanks. (Caprica is the coolest show ever!)

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