Has it Really Been Three Months?

I just realized that this is my first post of 2009. Incredible! It looks like I never finished the last post, either. I meant to put in a few pithy paragraphs about the BART system with its live station attendants and ample bike lockers. Bring lots of change, though. The machines are impossible. I probably would have mentioned something about how busy the historic city buses in SF are and/or posted some pictures from when we rode the antique cable cars. Of course I never got around to any of that, so you will just need to use your imagination.

The simple explanation for my long hiatus is that I have been doing a lot of writing in other (less anonymous) venues. After writing all day, coming home to write the blog just did not seem like much fun. I can not stay quiet for long, however, about the transportation problems that this country faces. I am back, and I am ready to rant, so look for more posts in the near future.

San Leandro BART station
Bike lockers
Historic bus
Cable car

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